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About me

Well a little bit about myself, I will get into the whole library fascination soon but I first will start off with where I am from and where I have been. I was raised in Northern Virginia, right out Washington D.C., and have moved across the country to currently reside in Seattle, Washington. There were extended stays in Cincinnati, OH; New Orleans, LA; and San Luis Obispo, CA before I settled in Seattle. My educational background is in architecture with receiving my bachelor's degree from the University of Cincinnati and my master's degree from the University of Washington (UW). Now outside of work and thinking about libraries, I enjoy running especially the trails around the Seattle area, attempting new recipes in the kitchen, and some amateur woodworking. These additional hobbies may find their way into this blog somehow.

Living in America, most people have some type of relationship with a library from their local branch library to school libraries to visiting a city's main libraries when traveling. This is also true for me with some additional experiences. I was lucky enough to have an internship with Architect of the Capitol in 2012 where I could take advantage of the employee tours of various Federal Government buildings such as the Library of Congress. Seeing the sheer amount of information that this entity stores, documents, protects, and distributes was beyond what I could have ever imagined. This opportunity planted a seed of interest in me which continued to grow. Throughout my education, I was prompted multiple times to design a library. This provided me dedicated time to begin to understand how libraries function spatial as well as research and study the libraries of today and the past. This all influenced my thesis work at UW where I investigated how urban library system's networks could be re-envisioned. The next stage has become this blog, where I will continue to study libraries and propose ideas but this time in a platform that is visible for all.

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